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Strategic location - low production costs

Boomerang cable manufactures cable looms and performs assembly work for the Northen Europe industry. We deliver anything from simple cable harnesses to complete systems.

All production lies in Tallinn, Estonia and the company is part of Boomerang Subcontracting with more than 100 employees. The company is owned by the Swedish management which is resident in Tallinn.

Our work is performed with great flexibility, always customer centred and we adapt to the need and desire of your company. Our flexibility results in a short decision path and fast delivery.

The combination of close proximity to Sweden and low production costs makes Estonia a very interesting supplier. Our plant is favourably situated in Tallinn, close to transport companies, air and sea terminals.

Boomerang consistently strives to deliver products and services with a high and even quality according to our customer's desire. This is obtained by a constant process control and testing. We are ISO 9001/2000 certified.

Kommertsjuhi värbamine
Strateegilise plaani elluviimise tulemusena (kasutatakse Euroopa Liidu Euroopa Sotsiaalfondi vahendeid):
* suureneb rahvusvaheline konkurentsivõime,kuna arendatakse välja uued tootesuunad aastaks 2014;
* juurutatakse ISO 14 001 aastaks 2012;
* rakendatakse tööle IT programm Monitor;
* tõstetakse tootmisvõimsust 2-3 korda;

12.10.2010- 12.10.2013